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A Ruska knot dress by Named Clothing

Howdy! How's your Me Made May 2019 going? Mine's going well, but my pledge is fairly simple this year - to sew more sustainably. If you want to see my full pledge, it's over on my Instagram account, but here's the general gist: wear more of my clothes, repair or readjust any clothes I don't wear and resist buying any new fabric, instead use up my stash and scraps. In general, I want to make my hobby greener, without losing the fun and enjoyment I get from it - but that's a conversation for another day! So, today I want to tell you about my Ruska knot dress from Named Clothing 's latest pattern book, Breaking the Pattern . I'm a long term fan of Named and I've been buying their patterns since the first or second collection. When I heard that they were publishing a book, I immediately preordered it and it arrived in time for Christmas. I wasn't at all disappointed by the patterns - they're all the classic, unfussy scandi-style go

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