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Sunday, 8 April 2018

A Helmi tunic dress

In March I turned 29. Seeing as I live abroad, most of my relatives prefer to send me money instead of gifts, on the stern proviso that I spend it on myself and not bills. I'm only too obliging. Around the same time as my birthday Named clothing had a promotion to celebrate International Women's Day with 15% off all patterns. It seemed like a good time to go back through their collections and pick out some birthday presents for myself.

I ordered two patterns: the Helmi tunic/shirt, which you can see below, and the Tuuli body/dress. In Portugal, the summers get really hot so investing in a good shirtdress is essential. I've already made the Alder shirtdress from Grainline Studios and I love the loose fit. That's why the Helmi pattern really appealed to me, plus it has an invisible button placket which I'd never sewn before. I'm all about adding to my skill set!

The fabric is a light viscose by Atelier Brunette, my new favourite fabric brand. They do a really cool range of fabrics mainly inspired by nature and this gorgeous greeney-blue fabric is the stuff of dreams. I ordered it from Minerva Crafts using a voucher I was given as a birthday present.

I cut a size 34 which seemed to match my measurements exactly. I took a massive risk and forwent the msulin stage (sorry proper sewists!), cutting straight into my Atelier Brunette fabric. What's life without risk, eh? Thankfully the tunic seems to fit although I were to make one teeny improvement I'd broaden the back slightly.

I took my time with this make, conscious that I didn't want to ruin the fabric. I did a fair amount hand sewing such as sewing the collar stand down. I actually quite like hand sewing if I'm sat in front of the TV and a good series.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with this make, I definitely feel the fabric and pattern are a good match and I've already got lots of compliments on it.

I absolutely love Named too, it's probably my favourite indie pattern company, and that's going against strong competition. What gives them the edge, for me at least, is that each collection has a strong design element. It's not just, 'here's another shift dress', it's like 'here's a shift dress with a really cool design detail'. They have an eye for aesthetics, and I like that.


  1. Ooo! This is gorgeous, that fabric is fabulous.

  2. Love it! You and Kirsten can be twins : https://fiftytwofancies.wordpress.com/2018/03/11/a-special-dress/

  3. Love the pattern fabric combination. It looks gorgeous. I made the helmi in denim and it was awful, really shapeless, maybe I'll try it in something flowy. I have this fabric in the pink and also the blue!

    1. Yes, I hope was thinking about making it again in a more structured fabric, but maybe you're right, it's better with flowy fabric. Ooo, I love the pink version of this fabric too!