"" the girl who makes things: My Me Made May pledge

Monday, 30 April 2018

My Me Made May pledge

Have you signed up for Me Made Me yet? If you're not familiar with this annual challenge, it is essentially a pledge that you can make to yourself and the sewing community to maximise your handmade wardrobe. It was started by So Zo What do you know? and you can pledge anything from wearing one piece of handmade clothing a week to head-to-toe handmade outfits every day in May. I wasn't sure if I was going to take part this year, but after some thought I've decided to give it a go.

Here is my pledge:

I promise that I will wear three head-to-toe handmade outfits (apart from underwear and accessories) three etimes a week during the month of May. I will also refrain from sewing any new clothes until the month is over.

The reason for this personal challenge is that my sewing output has been really high since the beginning of this year and I'm feeling the need to slow down and focus on what I've already got. I want to be much more mindful about what I sew and make sure that I get the most out of it. I'm hoping the challenge will illuminate any wardrobe gaps and help me to plan better. Also, I've realised that I'm very reluctant to wear head-to-toe handmade. I'm still quite self-conscious about my hobby and worry that people will notice if I'm wearing something home sewn. I often mix my rtw clothes with my me-made garments in the hope that they'll 'blend in'. I need to take more pride in my handmade clothes and challenge myself to dress in them. I don't have enough me-made clothes to do this challenge every day but three times a week should be possible. Let's see how it goes!

What have you decided this May?


  1. Great pledge - I've decided to try to finish a pair of capris I started at the beginning of the year (big wardrobe gap) and at least muslin a jacket!

  2. I really like your pledge! I was so excited to sew this year that I've been sewing a lot, too, and feel the need to slow down and see what I really need (gaps, like you said). About top-to-bottom me-made looks - I went through something similar when I did a 10x10 challenge recently, but personally made the challenge a me-made one. I was so self-conscious at first, thinking everyone would ask me if I "made that", but no one did. After that challenge, I realized I like a lot of my me-mades more than store bought! I can't wait to hear your re-cap at the end of May!