"" the girl who makes things: Summer 2016

Friday, 2 September 2016

Summer 2016

Olá amigos, I'm back from my super long and unintended blog break. I hope all is well in the sewing world.

My boyfriend and I bought our first apartment together back in February and things have been pretty busy since. We've decided to stay in Lisbon for the long term as we love this city so much and going back to England now seems like strange idea. I stopped reading blogs and posting due to the disruption, so that goes some way to account for my silence!

I've been doing a bit of sewing here and there and updating my Instagram account as I go. Mostly I've been concentrating on filling in wardrobe gaps and honing my pattern drafting skills. At the moment it's all about basic but necessary stuff with a little bit of frivolity along the way.

First up is this New Look 6349 midi skirt. I bought the fabric from Feira dos Tecidos in Baixa Chiado. I had absolutely no idea about what to do with it but I loved the pattern so knew I had to buy it. I had some vague idea about turning it into a dress but when I looked at my work wardrobe, I could see a big skirt shaped hole in it.

The fabric is slightly see-through so I had to make a last minute underlining to save me from knicker-showing embarrassment. The waistband is hand stitched but everything else came together easily on my little sewing machine.

I've been wearing this skirt to work a lot. Lisbon averages 30c in the summer and I'm especially sensitive to temperature changes. Wearing a long, floaty skirt allows the air to circulate around my legs and keep me cool. I don't think I've worn a pair of trousers for three months!


  1. Nice to see you again! Lovely fabric, I can see why you were drawn to it, I love the neutral floral, and would have snapped some up myself. Enjoy Lisbon, it is a beautiful city, from what I recall, it's been a few years!

  2. Super skirt, I like the length and and the fabric makes it swishy

  3. I'm glad you're back as I really enjoy your style. More please! @bloggspot