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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Hello Lisbon, hello fabric shops

Ola! Greetings from my small room in Lisbon. I wasn't going to write another post this week but I just had to vent my excitement about the fabric shops in Lisbon! Before we came, I did a little research into places I could shop. I won't reinvent the wheel, as these ladies have already covered most of the places around:

Nicole Needles
House of Pineiro
Moo I Made It!

I scouted out a lot of the shops they mentioned, the first one being Feira dos Tecidos. I had a little perusal around the enormous shop floor. There were stacks upon stacks of reasonably priced fabrics from cotton lawns to pleather. An absolute Aladdin's cave. I would have looked for longer but I got the devil stares from boyfriend who reminded me that I'd have plenty of time to visit in the future. True dat.

Paris em Lisboa shop in Chiado
image from: http://www.golisbon.com/shopping/handicrafts.html

I didn't get to look at the other shops but there seems to be a whole street of haberdashery which I'll visit next time I'm in the city centre.

I can't wait to start sewing again. Hopefully I'll have some Lisbon goodies to show you in the not too distant future.


  1. Totally true! Haberdashery is in Rua da ConceiƧao - very old school, I doubt they will be English speakers... Feira dos Tecidos is my favorite, but for high quality stuff try Ouro Texteis, also very old school. Benvinda a Lisboa!!!