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Friday, 29 August 2014

Sewing for wedding season #2 and some life news

Weddings are the best excuse to make a pretty new dress, aren't they? Yes, you'll probably only wear it once, because god forbid someone might see you in the same dress at more than one wedding and they'll probably assume that you own one dress and that you're too tight to get a new one. This is, at least, what I tried to explain to my rather incredulous boyfriend as he watched me crawling around on the floor, sweating over a new dress the day before we were due to fly out to Macedonia for a friend's wedding. From his point of view, you only need one suit which will last you through the next ten years of weddings, why can't girls do the same? If only it was so simple. But given enough time, I like the excuse to create something pretty, as long as the deadline isn't too tight. And the deadline was rather tight for this latest make. Which almost killed my sewing buzz.

Yet, we came through in the end. So what is it? It's another BHL Anna Dress! Modified of course. The bodice is the same as the stripy one I made back in March but the skirt is two rectangles sewn together and gathered at the waist. My official reason for this adaptation was that the separate panels would have broken up the beautiful floral print (the real reason is that I ran out of time and needed to do something quick - but ssshhh don't tell anyone!).

The fabric was an impulse buy from Minerva Crafts which I've had in my stash for a few months. It's a drapey viscose with a screen print watercolor floral design - my absolute favourite design so far. The fabric wasn't especially easy to work with due to the slippy texture but the drape is undeniably wonderful. I have a little bit left which I might use to make a cami top.

Everything about the dress was pretty straight forward. This is my fifth Anna dress which is probably why I managed to pull it together so quickly. The maxi skirt length was nice and cool - perfect the Macedonian heat.

We had such a good time at the wedding. The ceremony and reception were held at Lake Ohrid, one of the world's deepest and cleanest lakes (it's so pure that you can drink from it). We stayed with the wedding party for the weekend so we had plenty of time to swim in the lake, explore Ohrid and soak up the sun. It was perfect. This is a picture of one of the monasteries by the lake:

Now on to life news:
You might remember way back in January that I posted about my big life move into EFL Teaching (teaching English as a foreign language). At the time I thought we'd move abroad straight after we finished the course in February, but that turned out to be complicated with renting out our flat and my sister's wedding. I didn't know back then that there was a language school just round the corner from where we live in Leeds and that they'd be willing to offer us both a contract to work with them until August. This turned out to be the perfect situation - we were able to gain some experience while still living in our flat and do some proper research into language schools abroad. AND I was able to finish the bridesmaids dresses. So after a number of job interviews, and a few job offers, we decided to accept a position at a language school in Lisbon! The job starts on 1st October, but we'll be moving out on 19th September. I'm dead excited and dead nervous. Of course, I'll be taking my little sewing machine with me so the blogging won't stop. Unfortunately my overlocker will have to stay with my parents until we move back to the UK, unless I can find a way to ship it over without it getting damaged.

So that's it for life news and weddings. How about you, have you made anything for a wedding this year?


  1. A seriously beautiful dress, and what a lovely location for a wedding. Congrats on the move, I love Lisbon!

  2. That's gorgeous! The long, gathered skirt is perfect with this material.

  3. Your Anna is gorgeous. I agree that the original Anna skirt would have broken up the print, the gathered skirt shows it off perfectly. I have indeed made something for a wedding, and it too was an Anna, but with a circle skirt. I swear that bodice can do no wrong! Good luck on the move!

    1. Thanks Lynne. Yes, I don't think this will be my last Anna hybrid some how.

  4. Everything about this post just makes me happy. Thanks so much for sharing this.