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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Yorkshire School of Sewing

Hello bloggerland! It's been a looooooong time since I posted. Apologies for this. It turns out that making a massive career change to TEFL teaching takes it's toll on the old spare time. Night after night has been a succession of lesson planning. Brief life update: I'm still in Leeds at the moment but planning on moving to Italy/France in September when the academic year starts. I've managed to get work as an EFL teacher at a school in Leeds for the time being which has worked out wonderfully.

Brief sewing outline: I've made two summer dresses and almost finished one bridesmaids dress for my sister's wedding (hurrah!). I WILL blog my makes, I just need to find the time to take some photos, but they should be up soon.

So, in other sewing news, I attended a fantastic sewing workshop today (birthday present courtesy of mother) delivered by Gillian from Yorkshire School of Sewing. The workshop was on perfecting dressmaking techniques. We covered the basics from sewing a good seam through to lapped and invisible zips, using fusible interfacing, using different techniques for hemming, inserting the perfect sleeve and much more. The workshop was all about perfecting techniques as opposed to introducing anything new. I learned loads of useful stuff (most of which I'll be using on the other bridesmaids dresses) so it was a good day all round. Sometimes I think I think my biggest character flaw is my lack of perfectionism so hopefully the workshop has ironed out some of my cack-handedness.

If your in the county I'd definitely take a look at Gillian's website. If I had enough time (and money) I'd attend all the workshops. Happy bank holiday weekend,  hope you have a goodun! 


  1. Glad to hear you had fun. Isn't Gillian lovely! I actually helped create her website. And I can definitely recommend several of her courses

    1. She was lovely and told me about you too! I'm very tempted to do another course if I find the time and money...