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Saturday, 15 February 2014

The next step

Hello blog-world! It feels like ages since I posted anything (it's been about 4 weeks) but so much has happened and so much has changed. The exciting news is that I've finished my CELTA course - I'm now a qualified English teacher! Today is the first day I don't have anything to do. No assignments, no lesson plans, nadda. It just seems crazy.

The course was fantastic, but so much hard work. I could put up with it for four weeks, but anymore than that and I'd have collapsed. I put myself under a lot of pressure during the course. I went into it thinking that I'd barely scrape a pass, so I went a bit mad and overworked myself. The result was that I did pretty well, much better than I ever thought I would, but I had some stress attacks and I'm still finding it quite difficult to wind back down. The tutors were wonderful though and I managed to push through right to the end.

So what now? Well this is the hardest decision of all - where should I go? I'd like to stay in Europe but even that's a massive area and there are so many language schools once you start looking, it's difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, it's difficult to know who to trust once you've heard a few horror stories about teacher exploitation. Top choices are Italy, Spain, Germany and possibly Turkey. If you have any advice then let me know!

For the next couple of weeks though, I'm going to be hanging around in West Yorkshire, looking for jobs, sorting stuff out and relaxing a bit. I've just fetched my sewing machine from the servicing shop and I'm thinking about indulging in some celebratory sewing. Next projects are:

The Plantain t-shirt from Deer&Doe
Plantain t-shirt

Four bridesmaids dresses .

So there we are. Rolling back into life after a stressful four weeks. Bring on the next stage!

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