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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Times are a changin'

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Dun dun duuuun. People keep asking me if I'll be sad to leave. In answer, yes, of course I will, I'll miss the people I work with. I'll miss the routine and the security too. I've had this job for two years, it was the first real job I got after Uni. It's made me feel grown up. Never mind moving into my own flat and paying the electricity bills, I felt most adult when some paperwork came through the door saying that I was paying into a pension fund! Wow, I mean, that is real adult stuff. And now I'm throwing all adult caution to the wind and leaving my job to teach English abroad. I guess it's not the craziest move in the world, and heck, it's not like I have kids and a mortgage to keep me here. But there is a little voice at the back of my head saying 'is this really the right thing to do?'

I had a mini freak-out before Christmas about whether I was doing the 'right thing' whatever the 'right thing' is. I mean, choices aren't easy are they? There's lots of strictures around what we should and shouldn't expect from life. For example, when you leave Uni, school or college, it's expected that you find a job or training contract, and start the long ascent up the career ladder. You find yourself a partner, you buy a house, get some pets, have a baby... the circle of life continues. Not that there's anything wrong with this. It just takes a lot of guts to say, no, I want to do things differently.

Maybe I'll come to regret going away in a few years time when my friends can buy houses, go on exciting holidays, meet up in nice restaurants and buy expensive cocktails all the time. Maybe I'll feel a bit left out in the cold. Maybe I'll regret not sticking with my job and working my way up the ranks. But maybe I won't. This brings me back to sewing and the arts in general. If I think about it, what really makes me happy isn't having stuff, but the outlet to be creative and explore new territory. If I have enough money to buy fabric and patterns then I don't think I really need much else. The only other thing I need is time. And maybe it's not just me. Maybe this is how others feel too.

I do apologies for the reflective mood this evening. It's just something I've been brooding over a lot recently.

In sewing related news, the fabric for my sister's bridesmaids dresses arrived on Saturday which meant I could get cracking! The dresses will be different colours and styles of bodice, but they'll have the same 50s circle skirt. I've made the lining for the blue dress.

The bodice is from the By Hand London Anna Dress. I've modified it slightly by shortening the kimono sleeves. Now looking at it, I think I'll shorten the sleeves even more to make it completely sleeveless.

And there's all of my news. There'll be some radio silence while I do the CELTA course I should think, but I'll be back to sewing bridesmaids dresses while looking for work towards the end of February. Until then, au revoir.


  1. "Maybe I'll come to regret going away in a few years time when my friends can buy houses, go on exciting holidays, meet up in nice restaurants and buy expensive cocktails all the time."

    You are assuming that in a few years time you will be 'back home' and that those friends' lives will have gone according to plan. I guess this is what I assumed too when I set off on a similar adventure. Well 15 years later (having lived in Indonesia, Argentina, Thailand, Oman and Bahrain), I have had many more exciting holidays than my friends and now live permanently in Thailand (where nice restaurants and cocktails are a regular feature of life). Not something I ever would have imagined all those years ago.

    My point is that you never know where life will take you and it may be nothing like you now imagine.

    Good luck with the CELTA, they are hard work but oh so worth it.

    1. Thank you Gaye, you've really helped to put things in perspective. You're right, no one knows where life will lead them so it's best to just go for it and see where it takes you. I definitely think I've made the right decision now.