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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Last minute handmade gift - a Kindle cover

It's been a while since I posted anything, sorry about this! I've been so immensely busy this December that I've hardly had any time to write, let alone make anything. It's not so much the season to be merry, more like the season to be stressing my nut out. I thought work would start to wind down around this time of year, but as I'm leaving in January, I've got a lot to tidy up. I've also done a lot of catching up with old friends this month, which has been so lovely and rewarding, but definitely time consuming. Last weekend I went down to London, and you know how it is, if you're not a Londoner and you pay a visit, you literally have to see every friend you have there, scattered across the city. I probably spent more time hanging out on the Central line than actually seeing people. But it was all worth it in the end. I now have a warm, fuzzy halo of love around me. Aaaahhhh

So like I said, not much time for making things, which is a shame as I really wanted to do some handmade gifts this year. I was inspired by Karen Ball's Christmas PJs and had this idea that I could make everyone a pair of pajama bottoms. Ha, that never even got started.

What I've come to realise is that planning is the essence of handmade giving. If I'd started making gifts, say, back in October, instead of three days before Christmas, I'd probably be doing alright. But no, I've left it to the last minute and then spent about three hours fighting the Christmas shopping crowds and throwing money at basically anything so that I have something to give on Christmas morning. Do I sound like the Grinch?

Well, my whole plan was not entirely lost, I have made at least one thing! It's a Kindle cover for my sister (she's getting a Kindle from the parents) and the great thing about it is that it's made totally from recycled materials.

The inside is an old hardback book cover and the fabric comes from a 70s bed sheet. It was ridiculously easy to make - it only took me about an hour. I got the idea from the blog Come Together Kids which has a step by step guide to making the cover. The tutorial is pretty good and well worth a read, but I thought I'd post about my progress too as I adapted the design slightly.

I started with an an old book, just an inch or so bigger than the Kindle.

I tore out the pages, leaving just the hardback cover.

The book was on English Law so, no, I won't be missing it.

I then took my fabric and, using the book cover as a template, cut a rectangle large enough to encase the whole cover, with a 1.5cm seam allowance.

I measured out another rectangle for an inside pocket.

I pressed the pocket in half and pressed the cover sides inwards. The book cover will be inserted through the centre opening which I'll hand stitch up at the end.

I stitched the pocket up first, leaving one side seam edge open to turn the whole thing inside out. Once I'd completed this, I top stitched the pocket to the inside of the cover flap.

Then I stitched the top and the bottom of the cover, with just the centre seam open. I snipped the corners to give a neat point, turned it inside out and pressed.

The tricky bit was getting the book cover into the encasing. A lot of fiddling and wriggling it in was involved.

Once the cover was encased, I just hand stitched up the centre seam to enclose the opening. I attached a loop of purple ribbon to the back and button on the front so that the cover could be fastened.

And that's pretty much it folks! A lovely cheap, recycled, easy to make Kindle cover in time for Christmas. So how about you? Managed to make any gifts for the festive season?

I hope she likes the retro print!

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