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Sunday, 25 February 2018

A Cleo Dress

It's not often that I use a pattern more than once. That I've now made two Cleo Dresses, however, is testament to the fact that it is really good.

I first got the Cleo pattern through the Minerva Crafts blogger network. I used to contribute a monthly post to their website but found it difficult to dedicate enough time to sewing what with work and other life commitments (once I get my life in order I may return to it!). Then I was offered the opportunity to write a one off pattern review for Sewing World magazine last year and thought, why not?

I'd seen a few Cleo dresses online and liked the clean, simple design so I asked for the pattern and made it up in a dark denim.

I wore the shit out of my denim number all winter. It works really well layered over thick tights and woolly jumpers. I got a fair few compliments on it too. Then, as we began to feel some hints of spring (I live in Lisbon so it's a damn sight warmer!), I started dreaming up a lighter Cleo.

I can't remember precisely what gave me the urge to make a pink corduroy version, but the idea obsessed me. I hunted all over Lisbon in search of the perfect fabric until finally I found it in Atelier 193 and, lucky for me, bought up the end of the roll.

There's only one thing that annoys me about my denim Cleo, which is that it tends ride up if I'm wearing tights. I decided to resolve the problem with my corduroy version by adding a lining. It was super simple to do. I just traced the outline of the front and back and then traced the outline of the facing and cut away the excess. Attaching the lining to the facing was tricky as I had to match and ease the curves. It was worth the extra effort though, the dress doesn't ride up at all.

There are so many things I love about this pattern. Namely all the little details such as the top-stitching and pockets. It's a good palette cleanser after doing a big project like jeans as it's really quick and easy. I probably won't make another Cleo dress in the near future as I want to enjoy the two I've got. It is definitely, however, going to stay on my shelf as a classic.

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