"" the girl who makes things: March 2015

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A White Russain please!

Ola, boa tarde! I hope you're all well this Saturday. Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday? I completely missed it - I was misinformed about the time and woke up too late. So disappointed! Apparently it was maximum strength at 9 in Portugal. (Yep, that's right, I don't have to get up on a Friday as I have the day off. But before you go thinking that I have extended weekends, I do actually work half a day on Saturdays, so swings and roundabouts.) Anyway, I've heard that earth is the only planet in the solar system where we can experience a true solar eclipse. No other planet has a moon the right size and distance from the sun. So we're pretty lucky - huh?

I've had a fairly relaxed, yet productive week. For those of you who were made jealous by my previous post, you'll be pleased to know that the weather has gone back to being cold, cloudy and rainy. However, less time playing in the sun means more time playing in the sewing room. I've well and truly got the sewing bug and most of my free mental hard drive is spent thinking about the next project. To the extent that other (important) aspects in my life such as reading, learning Portuguese and housekeeping have gone in the metaphorical garbage dispenser. I'm sure I'll find a balance one day!

So, this latest make is a White Russian sweatshirt by Capital Chic. Ever since Sally introduced her collection I've had my eye on this pattern and when it came to compiling a birthday wish list, this one made the cut. I like the simple design and I love the name - it reminds me of Moss from the IT crowd and his taste for White Russians. 

The pattern printed off fine, all to scale, no glitches. I'm coming round to PDF patterns now. I like that you will always have a copy saved so you can cut out to your heart's content and mess around with the pieces. Paper patterns will always have a place in my heart though.

Sewing wise, this pattern is an easy win. It's a simple raglan sleeve shape with only three pieces (not counting the neck and waist bands). I cut a size 12 as I wanted the sweatshirt to be relaxed and baggy, but if I make it again I'll shorten the waistband by a couple of inches so that it sits closer to my body.

Attaching the neckband was the easiest thing ever. You simply fold it over, attach it to the neck opening, press and done. I cut and zig zag stitched the raw edges to neaten it up. 

Let's talk about that fabric! Bananas, flowers and tropical birds - genius. I found it in Feira do Tecidos in Rossio before I'd even thought about making a White Russian. I instantly fell in love. Stupidly, I only bought 1m and the long sleeved White Russian needs at least 1.5m so I had to settle on short sleeves. Still, I think it works well as a Tee. It's a loop backed jersey and incredibly easy to handle. The sweatshirt sewed up like a dream.

I'm already thinking about making another sweatshirt as it's such an easy pattern. It only takes a couple of hours and it's a practical wardrobe staple. My verdict: the White Russian is an absolute win. I'm sure that Moss would agree.