A Project Runway playsuit

Happy end of Me-Made-May peeps! I hope your month went well. I participated for the first time this year and managed to fulfill my pledge of wearing at least three totally handmade outfits a week. You can see my ensembles on my Instagram account. I also stopped sewing for the full month. Mad, right?? Well, for me personally it was necessary as I had some work deadlines to focus on and I couldn't really afford to get distracted. But, now May is over I've got back on my sewing machine and I have sooooo many plans. 

First up, here's a little playsuit I dreamt up during May. I live in Portugal so it gets quite hot here during the summer, hens the need for an easy breezy all-in-one outfit. 

The pattern is Simplicity 1158 from the Project Runway series. I've used it once before to make the alternative view: long tapered trousers with a loosely fitting faux-wrap top. It didn't work out unfortunately. I used a heavy cotton jersey which looked too bulky and I chose the size according to my waist measurement (which is a size up from my bust) so the top was way too loose and fell off my shoulders - not a good look! The jumpsuit ended up in the charity shop bag and the pattern remained untouched until last weekend.

The good thing about not sewing for a month was that I had time to think, plan and sketch out my ideas. I'm trying hard to be more mindful about my sewing and choose projects that I know will work. For a start, I know that deep V necklines don't suit me as my chest is too skinny so high necklines and halter necks are better. I also chose a much lighter weight viscose jersey fabric which drapes beautifully. 

I made a few minor alterations to the pattern. I extended the front bodice neckline and turned it into a loop to thread the cord through. I omitted the pockets to minimize bulk around the waist. Finally, instead of using facing on the back bodice pieces I hemmed them. 

I almost finished the project in an afternoon but came across one stumbling block: attaching elastic to the waist seam. I used a zig-zage stitch and stretched 1cm wide elastic along the seam allowance inside. Although I'd measured the elastic carefully before sewing, when I tried it on the waistband was really baggy and distorted. I unpicked it and made two more attempts before giving up and throwing it in a pile. When I tried it on the next morning the waistband had magically shrunk back and fit perfectly.

I'm super pleased with this first make of the summer. Now, I'm just waiting for some good weather so I can actually wear it!


  1. This is great! I really like it! So simple inspiration as well as very practical in everyday life. Everything is great fit and perfectly sewn. I'm impressed! Good job!


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